Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Unhappy Anniversary

It was three years ago today that Bud and I started our first period of being long-distance. We met in Australia in September of 2002 while I went there to study on an exchange at the University of New South Wales in Sydney.

Uni (as it is called there) was definitely far easier than law in Canada. For a full semester’s worth of Canadian credits I had four hours of class a week (I’m not shitting you), so many hours were spent at the beach and I became a veritable club kid. Loved going out in Sydney where the clubs are open 24 hours.

When Bud and I met though I had a bf in Canada. Complicated, longwinded story there, but when I came back to Montreal, I wasn’t sure of what I was going to do. Bud was very concrete on his desire to be with me – but I wasn’t positive if I was forgetting about things with the Canadian bf.

I returned and quickly came to realize that I wanted to be with Bud. Ended things poorly with the bf (another complicated longwinded story) and waited for Bud to arrive. He wasn’t able to get here until March of 2003 so we spent four months apart.

It was a long and terrible time and would prove to not be our last as we grappled with the joy that is immigration. But that first day that I saw him again was one of the most amazing moments in my life. All of that difficulty in dealing with geographical separation was over and he was as beautiful as ever.

Bud is incredibly sexy at six feet with a gorgeous muscular body. Just like I like em. I am taller and thinner, just like he likes em. Match made in heaven.

And he stills make my heart go crazy. I've included this painting by an artist Eric Beaupré called "The Year Kylie Took Over the World" as bud is mad mad mad for Kylie Minogue

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

One more

Its one of those morning where I needed another.
And I felt like a little hair.


makes me want to join a basketball team

Straight Shooting

Well it was yet another thrilling Monday.

The minority government in Canada fell last night, so it looks like an election in the new year. This kind of sucks in many ways. First off the party in power has been in power for way too long. We need a change. However the alternative is a party of redneck conservatives who would like nothing more than to roll back every advance in gay rights that have been made over the course of the last decade. So it looks like I will be sticking with the semi-corrupt party in power.

Not that my vote actually matters as I live in a very separatist riding. In my province of Quebec, there are a large number of people, mainly French-speaking, who want to separate from Canada and form their own country. Lots of bad blood going back generation since the British took the place over. Well, there is a party here whose sole purpose is to make that happen and I live in the riding where its leader is the rep. So no matter who I vote for, I can be pretty confident he will win.

Have been thinking a lot about Christmas lately. I am going back to my hometown of Edmonton Alberta which is in the western part of Canada, the focal point of the conservatives in this country. Love going back and I do miss the family.

have a straight friend there that I am not looking forward to seeing. We fooled around a few years back and ever since then he has always been uneasy around me – and me him. Its hard to deal with someone who is filled with shame about what happened, and I can’t say that I am always happy that it did. But nothing can be done about it now.

Monday, November 28, 2005

End of the Line

Thought I'd end the day with a pic.
Ryan Reynolds - the only reason to watch Blade III

Weekend Warrior

The weekend was certainly an interesting one to say the least – full of activity and sloth.
Friday started off with drinks after work. Three of my colleagues that I started my career with three years ago are leaving our office, so it was a few too many cocktails to say goodbye. Bud came along but we kept it as an early night since we had a Saturday night out planned.

Saturday was a big day with the dog. She is a jack Russell of 4 months and is a bundle of energy, so I took her out for crazy amounts of walking. Snow froze her little feet though.

We went off to Claude’s house for a few cocktails with a friend of Bud’s, Kevin. Kevin is in one of those terrible stages of life when he is trying to figure out what to do next. Finished school and had retail burn-out he is in the midst of big changes, but can’t quite decide what they are going to be yet.

Claude was in fine form as well. Nine ounces of booze later, it was off to our place for another six, then to the strippers. Montreal has some amazing male strippers. Totally nude and wild. Of course, I was a complete mess by that time, but far better than Claude. Found him passed out in the bathroom and had to carry him home. When we got there he did the classic maneuver of passing out over the toilet and cutting his forehead. I went to bed, while Bud and Kevin ran off to the clubs until after 3. I am always a little wary when Bud is off alone – the jealousy monster is one that I have a hard time taming.

Sunday was spent recovering over fourteen hours in front of the television. I am getting too old to recover very quickly.

Friday, November 25, 2005

Morning Glory

Just a little pic to start the day.... a little Aussie Rules Football player - love those boys

Snow and Survivor

Well the official winter season finally happened here in Montreal yesterday. While we have had a couple instances of snow over the past two weeks, none of them stayed on the ground, but that all changed with an immense snow storm that blanketed the city.

Now I have never been one of the biggest fans of winter. I grew up on the Canadian prairies where winter would begin so early that all kids were Eskimos for Hallowe’en and snow even fell in May. But I must admit that if it is going to be cold, I’d rather that the city be covered in a gorgeous sheet of white rather than the dead grey that had overtaken the city after all the leaves had gone.

Had a crazy day at work where I couldn’t concentrate on anything, and then I rushed home at 6. I know that I am in a nutty profession when leaving at 6 is early.

Watched Survivor last night as well. Now I have been a huge fan of the show since its inception and I don’t miss an episode, but it has lost a lot of luster for me. They really need to change it up as bit. Predictable as always, they tried to make it look like one person was to go when the obvious pick left. Bud suggested that they start off with everyone living together, draw teams for every challenge and go to council based on the drawn teams. That way you never know who you might be going there with and the entire alliance thing dies out.

Got my ass out of bed this morning at 5:30 and Bud didn’t move. He’s not working now as he has to be approved to work as a nurse in this province – the bureaucracy is driving us nuts. and Bud refuses to do any work other than his profession in the meantime. So I left him and the puppy in bed and went to the gym. Its getting frustrating when I work all the time, and he sleeps. But I knew he was a lazy fucker when I fell in love with him - my fault for loving him I guess :)

I live in the gay village here in Montreal and go to a very gay gym there. But in the morning it is a bit different. Professionals and other workers and not a ton of cruising going on. I was fascinating by this one guy though, beautifully sculpted Italian god. But even the eye candy couldn’t get me through this leg workout today. And I bailed.

And now its off to work.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Starting Out

For a long time now I have been reading blogs of so many people out here on the net and have been fascinated by the different types of writing and the personalities that come through. And I have also missed writing myself.

I do write for a living in many ways, but the writing I do is void of character and does not provide me with much of an outlet for my thoughts.

And so I thought I would begin this blog as not only a place where I can work out my thoughts but also as a map for myself of the evolution of where I am going.

The sad thing is that I have come to the end of a number of roads over the past few years and the landmarks moments of life are now nearly all behind me.

The other day I was sworn in as a lawyer. Yes, I am one of “those” people. The path that I took to this career was a long winding one to say the least that has seen me living in three continents over the past decade (too long of a story for this first entry) and finally settling in Montreal, Canada. It was a big day for me as it marked the day that I would never have to have another exam. I am not a young boy anymore (32 and ticking) and so it was good to finally enter into some form of adulthood.

I also got married to this great guy over two years ago. We were one of the first gay couples to get married in Canada and its been an interesting ride as well. Bubs is an Australian so we have had our long-term elements and the joys of immigration, but he is now a permanent resident so that trial is past as well.

Of course marriage between two guys has some of the same pitfalls as those between a man and a woman. My body went to shit. When we met both of us were in prime shape – caused by being constantly on the prowl no doubt, but over the past six months, we have become increasingly lazy and fell into enjoying so many types of food that I once denied myself. Turning 30 and hitting that metabolic wall doesn’t help either.

So I am 15 pounds heavier and hating it.

Got back into the gym a couple of weeks ago and am well on the way to recovery. Of course it is much harder now. When I was in school I could go whenever I wanted, but now as a lawyer working long hours, I get up at 5:30 am to go to the gym and be able to have breakfast with Daniel before heading off to work.

Well, that’s it for today. I’ll leave you with a picture above. Its not me, but its just a little drool-worthy (or hate-worthy, depending on your mood) material.
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