Friday, March 30, 2007

Get Clubbed

The New York Times reported today about people who have terribly decorated apartments and cannot get people to date them because of it.

This terribly deluded man above has a stuffed baby seal (I shit you not) and will not get rid of it even though it puts many (MANY!?! - some don't mind - I'm frightened to think of what they are like) of them off.

What's even scarier is that this man writes a dating advice column for

Once again proving the point that anything you read on the internet is suspect.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Almost There

So it is less than two weeks before I am off for London. As it gets closer and closer, I get more and more nervous. Not only is it the excitement of moving to a new city (and London at that), but also that Bud and I have to spend so much time (once again) apart.

Luckily Bud has a large credit with Air Canada so that in May I will fly back for the weekend to see him (and the dogs of course). But time apart is never fun. It will undoubtedly be far easier for me. A new city to explore and new people to meet can make time fly by. I have to find a place to live, buy stuff for it and get settled.

While I am doing this, Bud will be here in Montreal with the dogs, counting days. He is not looking forward to it. But we have little choice in the matter. We have survived through a number of times apart due to our different citizenship, but they are never simple. Part of it stems from the fact that I hate talking on the phone – but when that is all we will have, its got to be done.

Thankfully we don’t have any birthdays, anniversaries or other momentous occasions that we will be separated. And I am positive that our friends here will keep him occupied. But for all the joy of going to England, the tinge of sadness due to our separation colours the excitement.

But at least I know that I truly love him. When I was apart from my last bf I had before Bud when I went on an exchange to Sydney, I was quite happy to get away. I knew then that the relationship had some problems. But with Bud it is so different. Any long-time reader of this blog will be aware of the number of problems that we have had. But it has been that solid rock of the state of matrimony that has gotten us through the hard times. Without it, it could have been so easy to walk away when times were tough. But instead, it focused me more on the long term.

And of course, still being madly in love with him doesn’t hurt.

Friday, March 23, 2007


So I found this shirt by accident being sold on Strange, strange, strange

Monday, March 19, 2007


So I went through the joys of sifting though all the crap that I have accumulated over the past few years in Montreal in anticipation of my move to London. The one good thing about having moved to different cities and countries over the past ten years is that I have gone through this exercise enough times to not have a hell of a lot left over as trinkets of days gone by.

But it is nevertheless an interesting time to re-read certain letters from Bud from the early days, look over a story I wrote when I have ten, or look at pictures of a person that I know longer recognize but know is me.

And of course it takes me back along that path that has brought me to where I am today. And each of these things are place markers indicating steps I trod long ago and decisions made many days in the past. And with each culling there is a separation from the past – a removal of one more pop-up on the video of my life.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007


Of course,

I forgot to post some pics of the puppies all grown up!

Back and Forth

Well, it has been quite a long time since I wrote much of anything on this blog. Like anything, sometimes you need a little vacation. Much has been going on in my life though in the meantime.

I have given notice to my current employer. They have been very understanding and quite professional. I can work for as long as I want without a problem. I will work until Good Friday and then have a week before I fly off to London.

Of course, since people know that I am leaving, I haven’t been getting a whole lot of work lately. Not that I am complaining. And then a few weeks after I gave notice, another lawyer a couple years senior than me announced he was moving to New York and then on Monday another lawyer announced that he was going to the same firm as me in London!

The preparations for the trip have been going well. Have my work permit and my visa. Bud, as my partner, got a work permit as well where he can work at any job. Which works out pretty well for us. The dogs need a passport of all things and it will not be cheap to ship them – but that’s the cost of children I guess.

We went to see Scissor Sistors the other night. They aren’t as popular here as in the UK so we actually saw them perform at a bar! Great small venue for a fantastic show.

I am getting crazy excited about the move – need a change of pace and am thrilled to see what London brings me.
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