Friday, April 13, 2007

I have arrived!

Arrived in London yesterday.

Well - I guess it is real now.

And I am already missing my Bud (and of course, the puppies). Its strange that until now, this move didn't quite seem to be real. But now that I am on English soil with all the clothes I own, there is no denying it.

And it is all a bit scary. In a good way. It is exciting to move to a new place, but I notice that this time is different. Whereas when I was a younger man in a new place it was all thrilling, in my advanced age of my earlyish 30s, there is more worry.

I worry about what the job will be like, how I can live without Bud for 80 days, how easily will it be to meet friends, will I meet any friends on that "outstanding-lifelong" level?

And so today I am off with my estate agent looking for a place to live.

Wish me luck

Tuesday, April 03, 2007


So I am getting very nervous.

Work finishes up for me on Thursday and then I fly out on the 11th. I must admit that the time has flown by. But now I am worried about the move.

Its not like I have never moved to another city/country before, but I did it when I was a bit younger. And while I do know a few people in London already, I have to get prepared to go on a search for new friends. Now, most people don’t believe me when I say that I am shy, but this is only because my shield against my shyness can sometimes be an outwardly outgoing personality. But I nevertheless can find it difficult to meet new people.

And so I have resolved to be extremely social and to avoid these problems if possible. I have been looking into various types of groups in London that I can get involved in to meet people and am hopeful that these will help. Now of course, my job will keep me busy, but I know that I need to get that work/life balance down.

Don't know if I will post again before I leave but will write soon to talk about my new fabulous! life in London
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