Friday, September 29, 2006

Running Away

Well, I have finally come back from my European vacation and I must admit that I had a wonderful time. While it was not a relaxing vacation (and my body is feeling the effects of age) everything about it was near perfect.

September 11

Catching a plane on September 11th is an experience. You can feel the palpable tension in the air throughout the airport. After getting through security that involved the ever so classy putting liquid into the garbage and personal belongings into a clear plastic bag, it was off to my Zoom flight. Zoom airlines is a discount carrier. Bud and I got two tickets to Paris from Montreal return for just under $1200 (including all taxes). And the airline was great actually. Decent food.

Paris - September 12 to 14

Arrived in Paris early in the morning. Oddly enough, no one at Charles de Gaulle looked at my passport. I picked up my luggage and suddenly found myself outdoors. Odd in this day and age.

Made my way to a bed and breakfast called “A Pink Froggy” run by two wonderful lesbians (I wonder if they understood the full meaning of calling a place Froggy in France). The room was on the small size but was clean and only 50 Euros a night. Only a block from the metro as well.

The Paris Metro is utterly fantastic. Everywhere you want to get in Paris there is a metro stop within a few blocks.

Bud and I made our way to the gay area to find a snack and a drink. Got to a place called the Open Bar on Rue des Archives for a cheap sandwich and an expensive beer.

Of course we went to many of the sights/sites to see: the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triumphe, Champs des Elysses, and Place de la Concorde. We were trying to get to the Lourve, but by2pm we were utterly exhausted from all of the walking. My 33 year old body just doesn’t seem to be able to handle as much as it used to. We ended up going back to the B&B, soaking in the tub and had what would be the first in a very long line of afternoon naps.

Met up with a couple that Bud is friends with that live in Paris. They were a very decent down to earth couple who had recently sold their business and we now retired at the age of 40. They took us on a wonderful nighttime drive through the streets of Paris.

Paris by night is far greater than by day. The filthy scourge of pollution is far less evident under the glow of the City of Lights than the glare of the sun. Absolutely marvelous.

Barcelona – September 14 – 18

Took a Ryanair flight from Paris to Barcelona. For those that don’t know Ryanair it is a European discount airline. It cost us one euro to for that flight! I kid you not. The only problem is that the airports are usually a little far from the city. The shuttle bus to the Beauvais airport outside of Paris took 70 minutes, but I slept through it all. Well, and the fact that there is no assigned seating on the flight means that there is a mad dash for the good seats.

Unfortunately as we were checking in a very large security dog jumped on top of Bud and I. Suddenly we were swarmed by security personnel and escorted to a back room. There they proceeded to go through everything in our luggage. I sat there a bit terrified wondering if I had accidentally left something in a pair of pants or in something else. But no, there was nothing. The guards seemed a bit disappointed. At such a small airport I think that they were hoping that they would find something.

The flight was quick and we found ourselves in Barcelona and at another B&B called Eos this time run by two gay Frenchmen. Wonderfully spacious room and great hosts.

Barcelona was utterly fantastic. Sexy men everywhere, cheap food, tasty cheap wine and wonderful heat everyday. The Gaudi architecture looked like he had greatly abused a number of drugs throughout his lifetime, but I loved the feel of the city. Siestas in the afternoon and dinner starting at 11pm took some getting used to, but it was definitely a place that I could call home.

Bud and I was having a wonderfully romantic time there together. And the beach there was stunning .

Rome - September 18 – 23

I have always loved Rome. There is something truly magical about the city and the sense of history is amazing. Of course, once again we saw all the typical sights and had a great time. The highlight for me was the food. Especially a place called La Campana just off Piazza Nicosia. Some of the best food I have ever had in my life including this amazing ricotta and spinach stuffed ravioli in a butter and sage sauce. We went back twice and each and every dish was perfection.

Spent one day at a gay beach in Ostia (about 30 minutes from Rome) just baking in the sun and drinking beer from a beach bar. True bliss.

Took another day and went to see the outstanding ruins of Pompeii and the gorgeous island of Capri. On Capri we took a bus where the bus driver was quite possibly the sexiest man I have ever encountered in my life. Not only physically flawless but the way he drove was utterly enrapturing.

But that was the great thing about both Barcelona and Italy. Gorgeous men everywhere and oddly enough it was often bus or cab driver and off course the cops/soldiers on the streets

Paris – September 24-26

But to Paris again for the Louvre and excessive amounts of food and wine.

It was a really great trip for Bud and I as well. We connected in a great way and had a wonderful time with each other. I think that we needed it as my previous posts will attest to. Yes we have had out problems, but with Bud he is not a malicious person, he sometimes is unable to see beyond his own perception. And while this can be frustrating I know that there is never anything hurtful behind his actions.

It was also good to get home. I missed my puppies (yes, I know that is sad).

But of course, I am looking forward to the next vacation. And the next one will be in the winter and solely involve the beach and being very very lazy.

Thursday, September 28, 2006


Just back back from a nice long vacation - will write an update soon.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006


For a long time I was bothered by the expression "You want to have your cake and eat it too". It never really made sense to me.

Then one day I realized that having your cake wasn't a synonym for eating it, but that the expression was trying to say either you can possess your cake or eat it, since once you have eaten it, you can no longer possess it.

Now I admit that this was not some grand revelation on the level of Siddhartha, but nonetheless it got me speaking. I mentioned it to several people and everyone noted that they hadn't really understood it either.

What has continued to bother me about this situation is that I never had the courage to admit my ignorance about this expression. And I began thinking about all of the other times in my life when I don't ackowledge that I don't understand something and how often other people do the same.

Is it really so terrible to admit that I don't know everything? Apparently yes.
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